Nicaragua Real Estate: From Scouting To Buying

Thanks to its natural beauty, Nicaragua has emerged as one of the top places many expats choose to settle in for their retirement. Cost of living is cheap with reports that one can live on a $900 monthly budget. Healthcare is just slightly lower in quality compared to what some hospitals in the United States provide. And, as an important consideration for buyers, real estate is cheap.

With Nicaragua’s growing potential mostly thanks to its appeal as a tourist destination, the country has become a favorite destination for people who want to soak in some sea, sun and sand or indulge in some rest and recreation. For some people, they start out as tourists and end up being residents themselves. This increasing population of foreign nationals living in Nicaragua makes the country even more appealing to other foreigners to settle down somewhere that’s not their home country. The result is like Facebook popularity, people know someone who knows someone who’s loving the place so their interest is piqued and they pack their bags, book their tickets and check out the place.

Once there, these people walk around the streets, enjoying the culture, sights and sounds and fall in love with the old ladies in their rocking chairs on the sidewalk. They discover how cheap it really is to live there. They discover the comfort in being away from home, from the normal chaos and ruckus and are charmed by the colorful streets, savory dishes, and the rustic aura of a country that’s been so blessed.

From there, what awaits for foreigners looking to relocate is basically finding the best agency for Nicaragua real estate. Foreigners must make the right decision to approach an agency that has an excellent longstanding reputation. They must go for a trusted agency. If possible it would help to go with an agency that is well-known among expats. That way feedback could be more trusted as legitimate, tried and tested.

To make things easier, Google might actually be a helpful tool in looking up well-known agencies. Listing down the popular agencies, one could start consulting with expat friends. However, take note that aside from there finding the best agency for Nicaragua real estate, it is also possible to find local real estate agencies which offer their expertise while only covering certain territories in Nicaragua. This is particularly possible for some of the more developed Nicaraguan regions such as Granada, Leon and Managua.

Another possible route to estate hunting is just going around Nicaragua and looking for big expat communities. Normally, when a property is on sale, it’s not just the real estate agencies who find out about the availability. Word also does tend to go around among communities themselves. Again, it’s the Facebook effect. Someone knows someone who’s looking to sell land and so the price. One issue here could be the matter of making sure that the person you will be transacting with is indeed the real owner of the property. However, with so few properties for sale, an option to verify the seller’s credibility would be paying a visit to the local land registry office and ask to look at the records. In short, this issue can be resolved.

A plus for word-of-mouth marketing for on-the-market properties is that it eliminates the need for real estate agencies and ups the earnings for landowners from the sale of their properties. Although they may have to do the legwork and meet with the buyers, this can be a better way if they wanted to build connections with their buyers. It also establishes them as trusted property sellers, creating a good reputation for them within a community of buyers who are good for the money.

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