Best Place To Live After Retirement in Nicaragua

Retire in Nicaragua

Retire in Nicaragua

Imagine yourself in your old age, enjoying breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean from where you are perched after a very long hike through an impressive rainforest that’s home to the most colorful wildlife. You breathe in the fresh air, take a bite on your energy bar, drown it with Gatorade and simply think of yourself that wouldn’t be anywhere else.

If you retired in Nicaragua, this could be just how this image would actually play out. There’s no doubt to it. The country has been so blessed to have such beautiful flora and fauna, comfortable climate, and so many destinations from the islands to the highlands that it’s easily a preferable retirement destination. Cost of living is low. Food is great. And there are countless of places to checkout whether you’re looking for thrilling adventures or dates with a good book.

But where in a Nicaragua? The country’s not very big in terms of landmass, but still there are different retirement spots to choose from. For one, Granada has been recommended to be the best place to live in Nicaragua. It has in fact been featured in an article on the Wall Street Journal and posted by an American retiree who’s lived in the city for three years since moving from Costa Rica.

On the Pacific side of Nicaragua, Granada is a colorful city that’s famed for its narrow streets that are lined with colorful walls and doors. It is a pleasant city where it’s not uncommon to find locals with their rocking chairs outside their houses and just chilling.

Even more reason to chill is the fact that just like all over Nicaragua, the cost of living is very low. For one thing, only Haiti is poorer than Granada. For another, food is just so abundant in Nicaragua that there’s no reason to up prices. Expats in Granada could live on a shoestring with a monthly budget of $900.

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Another example of the best place to live after retirement in Nicaragua would be León, Granada’s rival in terms of many architectural structures. León though is larger than Granada. A home to many historic Spanish churches, secular buildings, and private residences, León is known for its heritage sites which is Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption of León whose anti-seismic constructed walls have helped it withstand many earthquakes, volcano eruptions and bombings.

Another León’s edge over Granda it is its longer lasting rustic charm. Whereas Granada’s heritage sites drown in foot traffic after the locals’ obsession over being very tourist- centered, León’s vibe is more intellectual, reflecting the number of universities and museums located in the city. It’s nothing new to find more people on the streets during the academic year. Many university-bound students in Nicaragua actually troop to León for quality learning and fill their heads with ideals, ideas and those intelligent stuff.

For beach buffs who would rather soak in some sun rather than soak in history, Poneloya beach becomes the main destination. For those looking to flex their muscles even during retirement, a popular activity is volcano boarding. No snow? No problem! Challenge your belly and your legs by boarding over lava instead of snow. Expose yourself to heat and subject yourself to dehydration as you coast downward on the slopes of a large mound of lava.

Yes, these are just some things to enjoy when living or retiring in Leon but in fact it is this charm of the city that is even more desirable for retirees who don’t want to feel like they’ve really retired. Mingle with the young ones, enjoy a drink with them at the local pubs, and basically feel young again. Perspire thanks to the city’s hot weather and feel fresh after a cool shower. Break a sweat walking the streets or climbing mountains. Afterall, you don’t have to feel like you’ve retired if you don’t want to.

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