How To Design Your Own Kitchen


While renovating your house, the kitchen usually happens to be the most complex aspect of your design considerations and quite often the most expensive. You need to consider a whole list of kitchen amenities like cabinets, refrigerator, appliances and workspace availability while chalking out the design plan. Each of these features requires their own bit of space and in order to get the right kind of balance, you need to make sure that design is practical and yet visually appealing.

Hallmarks of a Good Kitchen

Regardless of the budget, a well-designed kitchen enables the user to work seamlessly. While practicality is essential it does not have to come at the cost of beauty. The kitchen also should provide the user with a safe environment to work.

Work Triangle

The kitchen work triangle must come into consideration while designing the kitchen. The stove, refrigerator and sink are usually the three most actively used devices in the kitchen. Hence ensure that these three amenities are located in close proximity to each other allowing the user unrestricted access. While measuring your kitchen space, make sure that the distance between each of three amenities is at least 3.6 meters and not bigger than 8 meters.

Safety Precautions

The power outlets must be installed at a safe distance from sinks and other water outlets. Ensure that there is enough sunlight during the day and the workspace requires additional task lights. Have a safe storage section for your knives and these should be out of reach for children. Create as much storage space as possible by using cabinets to fully stock and store all the utensils. This will ensure that the kitchen is not cluttered and will allow the user with more room to cook. Install exhaust fans and avoid curtains anywhere near the stove. The flooring should be anti-slippery since water can frequently splash on the floors.

Other Considerations

If you are running a household with little kids, you need to keep an eye on them at constant intervals. An open kitchen can be really helpful if that’s the case. Since washing dishes is always a chore, install a window in front of the sink. A nice view of the garden outside can be very relaxing to the mind. Use both drawers and shelves to store cutlery and utensils of different sizes. The place under the sink is usually used for garbage disposal. A pull out bin is an ideal investment in modern kitchens. While a kitchen island can be really useful, you need to make sure that it does not obstruct the flow of traffic. They are typically 4 feet long and not more than 3 feet deep.

Hiring the services of a kitchen designer can also be a good idea while renovating your home. They have the practical experience of having designed hundreds of kitchens and can offer a lot of useful pointers to get the best out of your workspace. They are also fully aware of the latest trends, which you can use to help design a kitchen that is a blend of both practicality and style.

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