How To Design Your Living Room


When you are designing your living room, there are many factors that you need to consider. The space should be comfortable furnished with enough decorative elements to make the living room visually appealing. Here are some factors that you need to consider while designing your living room.

Evaluate your Needs

Before getting down to design, you need to assess the main purpose of your living room. If you like to invite guests frequently to your home, it would be a better idea to go in for a traditional set up which allows people to converse freely. Your choice of furniture would also depend on this need. Determine on an average, how much people you would be inviting for a get-together and you can use the space accordingly for furniture like arm chairs and sofas. If the point of designing a living room, is primarily for you and your family, you can even go for a more casual design. This can include reclining arm chairs with a full-fledged home theatre system. This makes it ideal for all family members to sit and watch a popular game of football or movie during the weekends.

Choice of Décor

The choice of décor should reflect your aesthetic tastes and is an important factor to designing your living room. From traditional to rustic to modern décor options, you can choose from hundreds of different styling options. You can design your house on the basis of themes as well. For instance, if you have an affinity for Asian design, you can use colors and other props to capture that particular aesthetic. Once you have chosen your theme or choice of décor, picking the colors, furniture, art work and fabrics need to follow the same template. This will help to achieve the overall desired look you wanted for your living room.

The Aspect of Space

Space has a major impact on how you design your living room. If you have limited space, you can use the space more adequately by use chairs instead of sofas. Purchase smaller furniture for small rooms and larger ones for bigger rooms. That is one of the basics to designing spaces.

Ease of Conversation

The living room should be designed in such a way that communication is easy. If the sofas and chairs are spread far apart, it becomes very inconvenient since people have to start speaking louder to carry their voice. By grouping chairs and sofas together, people can converse with each other easily. At the same time, make sure there are sufficient gaps between furniture so that people can move around freely.


Focal Point

Every living should have a focal point that sets out to be the defining characteristic of the room. In many houses, the focal point is often a large fireplace that immediately captures your attention upon entering the place. In such cases, it is also normal for people to place a couple of chairs by the fireside so that capture the warmth during fierce winters. In the way, the focal point can be anything and that could include a beautiful portrait fixed on the wall or a large window or even piece of furniture that has been placed at the center of the room. If the TV is going to be your focal point, it would be a good idea to house it in an attractive cabinet or armoire. You can also enhance the look by placing an attractive piece of artwork close by.

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