New To Gardening: 10 Crops To Choose

Gardening is one of the best soothing activities that one can engage in. Not only does it beautify your environment but it also keeps you busy. Starting your own garden can be an exciting adventure but also a challenging one if you don’t know the basics. The first step in starting your own garden is usually to choose the crops you are going to plant. Below is a list of the best garden crops that you can use. We cover vegetables here, but if you would like to grow flowers, we suggest you look at a local florist website to see which seasonal flowers grow the best in your area



This is one of the easiest crops to plant for beginners. The plant matures fast compared to other crops (it usually takes 3 weeks). The plant is favored by the spring and fall seasons and they require well-drained soil. You should keep watch of the pest especially the root maggot. Radishes are known for making great salads.



Enjoying fresh green lettuce is one of the benefits of growing lettuce in your garden. The vegetable requires mild weather and that is why it grows best during spring and fall seasons. When it comes to growing this crop, you are not limited; you can grow it on the ground or in containers. The trick to keeping them fresh is watering them regularly and keeping them from direct sunlight. The crop needs loam soil. There are different types of lettuce that you can try;

  • Iceberg lettuce; this type falls in the category of crisp-head lettuces. Other types in this group include leafy Batavian and French crisp.
  • Romaine
  • Butterhead



Tomatoes are one of the most used vegetables/ fruit in the world. To grow tomatoes you need to first grow the seed in a nursery bed for a period of 6 weeks. You can however choose to buy seedlings instead and transplant them to your garden. You should not crowd the seedlings, spacing them will enable each plant to receive adequate sunlight.



You can choose to grow either bell or hot peppers. You need well-drained sandy-loom soil for the peppers to grow and mature as expected.



Carrots are easy to grow in sandy soil. You however need to ensure that the pH of the soil is neutral.



You can grow garlic during spring and fall (highly recommended) seasons. You need loam soil that is slightly acidic.



This is one of the nutritious green vegetables. Spinach does best in soil rich in nitrogen. The vegetable thrives in cool temperatures and that is why it is recommended to plant it during the fall season.



Strawberries grow well in well-drained soil that has pH 6.0. The fruit plant is favored by fall season. You can however still plant them in early spring. You should avoid planting the crop in areas where raspberries, tomatoes, peppers etc. have previously grown.



This is a crop that is favored by the spring and fall weather seasons. It requires fair amount of sunlight but plenty of water.



This is one of the ingredients used in most of the dishes including salads. The plant comes in different types that vary in shape, size and color. When it comes to planting the crop, you can choose to transplant or use the seeds directly. Lastly, if you still don’t know how to garden, please check here or watch the below video:

Learn Some Beginners’ Tips

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