Nicaragua Real Estate: From Scouting To Buying

Thanks to its natural beauty, Nicaragua has emerged as one of the top places many expats choose to settle in for their retirement. Cost of living is cheap with reports that one can live on a $900 monthly budget. Healthcare is just slightly lower in quality compared to what some hospitals in the United States provide. And, as an important consideration for buyers, real estate is cheap.

With Nicaragua’s growing potential mostly thanks to its appeal as a tourist destination, the country has become a favorite destination for people who want to soak in some sea, sun and sand or indulge in some rest and recreation. For some people, they start out as tourists and end up being residents themselves. This increasing population of foreign nationals living in Nicaragua makes the country even more appealing to other foreigners to settle down somewhere that’s not their home country. The result is like Facebook popularity, people know someone who knows someone who’s loving the place so their interest is piqued and they pack their bags, book their tickets and check out the place.

Once there, these people walk around the streets, enjoying the culture, sights and sounds and fall in love with the old ladies in their rocking chairs on the sidewalk. They discover how cheap it really is to live there. They discover the comfort in being away from home, from the normal chaos and ruckus and are charmed by the colorful streets, savory dishes, and the rustic aura of a country that’s been so blessed.

From there, what awaits for foreigners looking to relocate is basically finding the best agency for Nicaragua real estate. Foreigners must make the right decision to approach an agency that has an excellent longstanding reputation. They must go for a trusted agency. If possible it would help to go with an agency that is well-known among expats. That way feedback could be more trusted as legitimate, tried and tested.

To make things easier, Google might actually be a helpful tool in looking up well-known agencies. Listing down the popular agencies, one could start consulting with expat friends. However, take note that aside from there finding the best agency for Nicaragua real estate, it is also possible to find local real estate agencies which offer their expertise while only covering certain territories in Nicaragua. This is particularly possible for some of the more developed Nicaraguan regions such as Granada, Leon and Managua.

Another possible route to estate hunting is just going around Nicaragua and looking for big expat communities. Normally, when a property is on sale, it’s not just the real estate agencies who find out about the availability. Word also does tend to go around among communities themselves. Again, it’s the Facebook effect. Someone knows someone who’s looking to sell land and so the price. One issue here could be the matter of making sure that the person you will be transacting with is indeed the real owner of the property. However, with so few properties for sale, an option to verify the seller’s credibility would be paying a visit to the local land registry office and ask to look at the records. In short, this issue can be resolved.

A plus for word-of-mouth marketing for on-the-market properties is that it eliminates the need for real estate agencies and ups the earnings for landowners from the sale of their properties. Although they may have to do the legwork and meet with the buyers, this can be a better way if they wanted to build connections with their buyers. It also establishes them as trusted property sellers, creating a good reputation for them within a community of buyers who are good for the money.

The Best List of Nicaragua Places

Good Places in Nicaragua do not Disappoint

It’s not so difficult to find a list of good places in Nicaragua because the country is a popular destination for people who either want to go find themselves, find a quiet spot or even find another wandering soul.

In fact, we have a list of good places in Nicaragua right here:

  1. Managua


The Nicaraguan capital has gone through a lot over the course of its history and yet it stands tall as a symbol of the country’s progress and resilience. To shed light on its interesting history, Managua has survived 2 strong earthquakes, a fire, and numerous attacks from war efforts of local revolutionists as well as the United States.

  1. León & Northern Nicaragua


Beautiful and historically preserved León holds a place in Nicaraguan history because of its position as the country’s old capital. Today, León remains significant for its rich treasure trove of Nicaraguan heritage sites, strong ties to the Nicaraguan government, and bevy of nationally-renowned universities.

It’s old rustic charm brings in the tourists and then keeps them because of its laidback vibe. It is not as hectic as Granada is and so if one wants to escape the other tourists while still enjoying a bit of the city, León is the place to be.

  1. Granada


In between a lake and a volcano, Granada has no other choice but to also be an explosive and impressive city. Not to be muted by its large neighbors Lake Nicaragua and Mt. Mombacho, Granada is in fact Nicaragua’s most visited city. Architecture in the city is vibrant and interesting, colorful and easy-going. People-watching is likely a worthwhile activity while eavesdropping on conversations about politics and work. And if people want to join in on the fun and settle down permanently, Granada’s real estate industry is becoming friendly to foreign prospects. Retirement homes and holiday homes await interested prospects.

Once settled, new residents of Granada can continue to enjoy the perks of living in the city by trying out horseback riding, taking a ride on the Choo-Choo train, and going on surf adventures.

  1. Corn Islands


If there’s one place where it’s mostly likely to find the pirates of the Caribbean then it would be the Corn Islands. Composed of two islands called Big Corn Island and Little Corn Island, Corn Islands has an area of 2.9 square kilometers and has a population of around 7,429 most of whom speaking English and are of the Creole people.

Aside from the two-legged residents of the islands, the Corn Islands are also home to a diverse marine life including nurse sharks and hammerhead sharks, green sea turtles and spotted eagle rays. Because of this beautiful marine environment, the Corn Islands have slowly become popular tourist spots. People from across the globe enjoy underwater activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling.

  1. Ometepe Island


While the Corn Islands are off the coast of Nicaragua, Ometepe is an island located right in Lake Nicaragua. Formed by two volcanos, the name of the island literally means “two mountains” in Nahuatl language. However, what makes Ometepe interesting is its deep ties with its history. Plenty of archaeological artifacts have in fact been discovered on the island and are just displayed in plain view.

In order to keep record of these historical artifacts, Ometepe Petroglyph Project was conducted between 1995 and 1999. The project was launched to survey the area of Maderas on the island, identify sites where the artifacts could be found and spot petroglyphs that were lying around, carved on stones that have been there since the early Nicaraguan times.

Another attraction for Ometepe is its interesting wildlife which includes the Nicaragua shark and a small population of spider monkeys. Take note that Ometepe is not located on the neither Pacific nor Caribbean coasts of Nicaragua. It is within a freshwater body of water which therefore makes the Nicaragua shark a special kind of shark by surviving in a freshwater body of water.
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Best Place To Live After Retirement in Nicaragua

Retire in Nicaragua

Retire in Nicaragua

Imagine yourself in your old age, enjoying breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean from where you are perched after a very long hike through an impressive rainforest that’s home to the most colorful wildlife. You breathe in the fresh air, take a bite on your energy bar, drown it with Gatorade and simply think of yourself that wouldn’t be anywhere else.

If you retired in Nicaragua, this could be just how this image would actually play out. There’s no doubt to it. The country has been so blessed to have such beautiful flora and fauna, comfortable climate, and so many destinations from the islands to the highlands that it’s easily a preferable retirement destination. Cost of living is low. Food is great. And there are countless of places to checkout whether you’re looking for thrilling adventures or dates with a good book.

But where in a Nicaragua? The country’s not very big in terms of landmass, but still there are different retirement spots to choose from. For one, Granada has been recommended to be the best place to live in Nicaragua. It has in fact been featured in an article on the Wall Street Journal and posted by an American retiree who’s lived in the city for three years since moving from Costa Rica.

On the Pacific side of Nicaragua, Granada is a colorful city that’s famed for its narrow streets that are lined with colorful walls and doors. It is a pleasant city where it’s not uncommon to find locals with their rocking chairs outside their houses and just chilling.

Even more reason to chill is the fact that just like all over Nicaragua, the cost of living is very low. For one thing, only Haiti is poorer than Granada. For another, food is just so abundant in Nicaragua that there’s no reason to up prices. Expats in Granada could live on a shoestring with a monthly budget of $900.

Retire in Nicaragua 1

Another example of the best place to live after retirement in Nicaragua would be León, Granada’s rival in terms of many architectural structures. León though is larger than Granada. A home to many historic Spanish churches, secular buildings, and private residences, León is known for its heritage sites which is Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption of León whose anti-seismic constructed walls have helped it withstand many earthquakes, volcano eruptions and bombings.

Another León’s edge over Granda it is its longer lasting rustic charm. Whereas Granada’s heritage sites drown in foot traffic after the locals’ obsession over being very tourist- centered, León’s vibe is more intellectual, reflecting the number of universities and museums located in the city. It’s nothing new to find more people on the streets during the academic year. Many university-bound students in Nicaragua actually troop to León for quality learning and fill their heads with ideals, ideas and those intelligent stuff.

For beach buffs who would rather soak in some sun rather than soak in history, Poneloya beach becomes the main destination. For those looking to flex their muscles even during retirement, a popular activity is volcano boarding. No snow? No problem! Challenge your belly and your legs by boarding over lava instead of snow. Expose yourself to heat and subject yourself to dehydration as you coast downward on the slopes of a large mound of lava.

Yes, these are just some things to enjoy when living or retiring in Leon but in fact it is this charm of the city that is even more desirable for retirees who don’t want to feel like they’ve really retired. Mingle with the young ones, enjoy a drink with them at the local pubs, and basically feel young again. Perspire thanks to the city’s hot weather and feel fresh after a cool shower. Break a sweat walking the streets or climbing mountains. Afterall, you don’t have to feel like you’ve retired if you don’t want to.

Best Place To Buy Real Rstate In Nicaragua


One of the most rising industries of today’s generation is the real estate business. Because of this, competition is getting higher together with its demand. This demand helps both parties to function well during business; the pricing can be favorable for both. If there is high demand the real estate value becomes higher, but with a high competition, investors or buyers prefer to have the lowest price. And since both are present, they were able to meet at the center of the road, at pricing that is not too high or too low for a high quality property. There are several factors that both the buyer and seller must look into for a real estate.

Travel Distance:

In all locations, the traveling distance will matter. Your distance from the mall and other beautiful beaches will somehow have a higher value compared to those located in a province or a low class community. In finding a good place, you must be sure and aware of what you are looking for. It is not enough that you want to have a house, a beach or property in that specific place. A standard must be made by you so that your agent can look for it. You don’t have to make a choice in between, but all you have to do is wait for a property that fits your qualification and standard. If there will be more than an option, then would be better. That means that you can buy with a lesser value but with a high standard property.


It is very important that the property you are about to buy has a secured community. Whatever or wherever you buy a property, its security should always be prioritized. You see, good location and wonderful sceneries will be put to nothing if you are not secured. There are lots wonderful islands out there around the globe, but the reason why no one wants to buy one because of security factor. Properties in Nicaragua are already safe and secured, but there is nothing wrong if you opt to make your own security measures and precaution. Always put into mind that prevention can help your life be easier and smoother. Take a break and put some effort on verifying the security of each location. Though it is already a risk in buying a property, but again, there is nothing wrong if you just want to be prepared.

Location wise:

Nicaragua is a beautiful place to live, its ambiance and culture somehow give you peace of mind. Many people are searching for a home that fits all their needs and wants. Nicaragua has both, tourism, beautiful sceneries as well as well developed community. If you are looking for the best place to buy real estate in Nicaragua then you will be having a hard time. Nicaragua is not just good for business, but as well for real estate owners. Here are the top 3 Best places to buy real estate in Nicaragua

  1. Granada: A colonial town of Nicaragua, a better place both for vacation and living. Lifestyle in a city is very common to everyone, since everything in the city is crowded, noisy and sometimes polluted.This is why going to places far from there really make a change. Remember that Granada provides colonial effect with its century establishment, property value also is rising.
  1. San Juan Del Sur: A small fishing town that is delighted to the eyes of every tourist. Aside from that, this small town also provides a very nice view of the sunset. A good property for vacation as well for residential. But aside from that if you want to have a business option San Juan del Sur provides the capability of business tourism. If you want to own a rest house then you are in the right place.
  1. Nicaragua Riviera:  With its amazing Pacific coast, many beachfront properties are in demand in the real estate industry. Everyone wants to have a house suitable for resting and enough to make a vacation daily. Though the property value differs from its quality but still seeing the views is quite enough to know it is worth buying. Buying real estate is like buying at your own risk because you own something that has been in that place for a quite long period of time. Even though good things happen every time you buy new properties, it somehow presents a message of a new start.


If you’re interested in buying real estate in Nicaragua, here is a real estate company: This company is no longer available.